Fabric and lamps


Anne Salles

Madame and her white rabbit Avignon (84)

Anne Salles is a designer of decorative objects. She makes light garlands of flowers and dream catchers to bring a bohemian, chic and romantic atmosphere to an interior. A whole range of pearl-studded flower brooches is also available in stores.

Nadine heitz

In love with noble and old materials, Nadine Heitz finds here and there tablecloths, sheets, various covers (sometimes pieces) of hemp, linen, nettle and other wonders. She recycles them, gives them a second, even a third life by dyeing them, painting them or keeping them as they are as a basis for her creations. The bags are made from old Swiss army bundles, and the meditation cushions, the zafous, are filled with spelled husks and organic lavandin.

Interview with Nadine Heitz at The Elementary

To find in the e-shop:

The Strings Workshop

L'Isle-sur-la-sorgue (84)


Valerie L.

Textile and plant creations

in Chateaurenard (13)

Valérie is a florist but not only ... A The elementary is exhibited her weavings, made with all kinds of materials, mainly wool. She inserts dried flowers, foliage or shells into her weaving.

Valérie also offers workshops.


Merlaine felt

Laurence is a benchmark in felted wool in the region. Its know-how is reflected in a wide variety of creations, such as clothing, cushions, bags and decorative objects. In the shop, you will find soliflores -bottles of glasses dressed in black felted wool accompanied by a gold flower- and its famous Pavés de Marseille: a Marseille soap dressed in felt and surrounded by a slogan, a little wink. eye to the paving stones of May 68!

Felted wool creations

Le Thor (84)


Pearl of lights

Creation of lampshades

Pelissanne (13)

Trained as a lampshade craftsman, Sylvie manufactures lampshades of all shapes and styles. They are created to suit your mood or your desires, with hand painted and printed wallpaper. We play with shapes, materials and accessories that will make them unique. Sylvie can restore and give life to your lampshades by keeping their style and / or by making the desired modifications. At the store, several lamp-mounted models are for sale or give you an idea of his high-quality work.


Susana del Bano

Lamp creation

L'Isle-sur-la-sorgue (84)

After training in Spain, Susana, an illustrator, moved to L'Isle-sur-la-sorgue: her lamps are made from a metal structure that she models in irregular and dynamic shapes. Susana then dresses her carcass in tissue paper, painted by herself, which creates a soft and warm atmosphere. Each piece is unique. Several models of different colors are available in stores, but Susana also manufactures custom lamps, depending on the color or shape you want.