Sylvie Clop

Reseating and canning workshop

La Sagnarelle in Bédoin (84)

Welcome to the corridors of an endangered profession ... Let yourself be guided to discover the possibilities of restoring and decorating a seat that sometimes seems so insignificant. Using sagne des marais and natural or colored rye straw from Saône et Loire, here is what old-fashioned reseating and traditional canning are!

Florence Allene

Upholstery workshop


in Pernes-les-fontaines (84)

Love of beautiful materials and colors, spirit of a job well done and patience, fantasy and imagination inhabit Florence's gestures to restore and dress seats handed down in families, chairs found in flea markets, seats forgotten in attics or by the side of the road.

A touch of modernity and fantasy in the choice of colors, the arrangement of patterns and the interpretation of the furniture inspire the work.