Glass and resin

Alban Gaillard

Master glassmaker in Saint-Rémy de Provence (13)

Alban Gaillard has 40 years of experience as a glassblower. From the art of the table to Christmas balls, his know-how and his creativity were rewarded with the departmental and regional price of the SEMA * in November 2006. At the elementary, you will find a whole range of glasses, of Christmas balls, and a decorative melon!

* Artistic Crafts Prize, awarded by the Chamber of Crafts and Crafts.

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SY.verre workshop

Spun glass workshop in Pernes-les-fontaines (84)

SY.Verre is the complementarity of two passionate glassmakers for ten years, Suzanne and Yoann. They work in the exceptional world of torch glass spinning, where in a short flame, by precise gestures, simple Murano glass rods become original creations: jewelry, sulphides, small animals, fancy aliens are to be found at Elementary!

Meticulous but also poetic work which brings to life characters from an imaginary world.

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Christine genta

Stained glass maker in Istres (13)

Christine Genta.jpg

Always fascinated by the play of lights colored by glass, stained glass allows Christine Genta to stage her particular colors. The use of quality materials: glass tinted in the mass, lead, copper, pewter, silver wire, gives stained glass its nobility and ambition. Each of the pieces making up the stained glass window is cut by hand, using a wheel, from a colored glass plate. The metallic oxides providing the different colors (gold for pink, selenium for red, nickel for purple, etc.) are part of the very components of the glass paste. The colors are therefore unalterable and very bright. The different pieces of glass are then ground and set with copper. The creation is assembled by tinning (recto-verso). Pewter giving it the finish and rigidity necessary to ensure its durability.

Julie bonnal

Botanist in Avignon (84) Workshop Les herbes folles

Picked in the wilderness or in the garden, my “wild herbs” are slowly dried to preserve their colors and then included in bioresin to become unique creations. Similar to miniature herbaria, these jewels highlight the poetic beauty of plants and allow you to take a little nature with you everywhere!

Interview with Julie Bonnal on France Bleu Vaucluse